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We are a local Colorado builder and land development firm with a passion for great design.  We have a deeply rooted sense of community and its ability to enhance our everyday lives. As a team who is from here, we care about the footprint we leave, we want to build a legacy for our community. Because of that, sustainability plays a role in every project and community we design, from land planning and water usage to home building and power demand.

home interior
home interior

the black timber exPerience

Whether you’re seeking the simplicity of a designer curated home in a new home community or a fully custom build in one of our exclusive locations, the Black Timber team is here to help with all the inspiration and expertise our team has to offer.


Collaborative Custom Experience

From the moment you step into one of our custom homes you will feel at home and at ease. We work with you to discover the specific needs of your family and take the time to learn how you live day to day. Using this information as our base, we review your design and style preferences and hone your vision for your dream home. The process of designing and building your dream home should be a fulfilling and rewarding experience from start to finish. Our team will support you through the entire process; creating a unique plan for your land, sourcing the highest quality materials and finishes, and guiding you on interior finishes creating a one-of-a-kind luxury home.

Let us do the work 

Designer Curated Experience

You’ll begin by finding a community that you love – from there you will work with a team member to select the floorplan that best suits your needs. Our interior design experts have put together complete packages of interior and exterior design selections from flooring to cabinets. You will choose which package fits your style and vision – these special details make your home unique to you. Once the selections are complete, our team will take over to ensure a timely delivery at an approachable price point.


Land Development

With many years of experience in land development, we can honestly say a successful community starts with a great land plan.  As a vertically integrated company, we work to design a plan that provides an experience that can be brought to life through the home building.  There are intrinsic values to each piece of property that deserve to be brought out in order to provide the best possible experience for future residents.  From water conservation to community amenities, each development is unique and designed to capture the best it has to offer.

home interior
home interior
home interior
home interior

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We are unparalleled in the vertical integration of our building process. As a collection of experts, we are dedicated to exceptional quality in every phase and aspect of a project; intentionality and efficiency drives every decision we make. Our team is not only committed to your project but we also strive to connect and collaborate with you on a personal level.

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